What’s On 2018

Levenshulme Pride 2019 planning is underway but see our 2018 programme below to get a taste of what to expect.

Levenshulme Pride 2018

Get ready for a great weekend of entertainment!

See below for listings of events and activities. Please check back as more is added. Full listings will be available online and on posters around Levenshulme over the weekend.

Levenshulme Pride March: Inspire to Shine

Join us for our March at 14.00 on Saturday 18th August starting at Levenshulme Inspire and ending at Shine Hair.

Our March is on the pavements with stewards to guide people and help at the crossings. This is our most high profile event bringing colour, joy and fun to Levenshulme. Everyone is welcome. Come and join us and help turn the A6 into the Gay6!

Levenshulme Pride Vigil and Thank You

The Vigil will take place as 16.00 on Sunday 19th August on the Village Green. This is an opportunity to stand in solidarity against hatred and oppression of LGBT people. It is also a chance to say thank you to people involved in making Levenshulme Pride happen and celebrate and be proud of our very special community in Levenshulme.

Listings are subject to further additions.

Day Start End Venue Activity
Friday 12.00 12.30 Levenshulme Old Library Kid’s Yoga and art making (4-11yrs with parents) with the Owl and The Coconut
  13.00 14.00 Levenshulme Old Library Teen Yoga (13-18yrs) with the Owl and The Coconut
  14.30 15.30 Arcadia Crafty Capers for Kids
  16.00 00.00 Fred’s Ale House Gin Upgrade Offer
  17.00 21.00 Levenshulme Market Pride Night Market and Disco including DJ set by Manchester legend Rob Bright
  18.00   Klondyke Urban Sketching with Paul Magrs
  19.00 21.00 Klondyke “Lev Is The Drug” open mic evening hosted by Dick Slick brought to Levenshulme by the LGBT Foundation
  20.00 2.00 Levenshulme DJ Gypsy Darling
  21.00   Union Rockin’ Ronnie Party Night Karaoke and Disco anthems
Saturday 9.00 17.00 Inspire Rainbow specials in the Inspire Café
  9.00 17.00 Inspire Free Sparkly Face Painting
  9.00 18.00 Manchester Hair Products Music with Prosecco and soft drinks and 20% discount offer
  11.00 12.00 Arcadia Drag Aerobics with Mike
  11.00 15.00 Arcadia Free Day Pass (swim, sauna & steam)
  11.00 17.00 Babyobaidi Balloon Boutique Meet Princess Belle and Spiderman. Rainbow glitter, facepainting, 10% off everything instore.
  11.30 17.00 Inspire HIV testing, counselling and sexual health advice provided by the LGBT Foundation
  12.00   Inspire Pop Tunes
  12.00   Oddfellows DJs, music and food by Levyhomefood
  12.00 00.00 Fred’s Ale House Gin Upgrade offer
  12.30 13.30 Arcadia 80’s Rainbow Rhythms Dance Class with Roxanne
  12.00 17.00 Klondyke Community and Information Stalls
  12.00 11.00 Bluebell Rainbow cupcakes and Pride Pies
  12.45   Fallowfield Loop The Big Gay Bike P-ride with Jamie and friends 
  13.00 15.00 Levenshulme Old Library Pride Rocks drop-in crafting session with the Owl and the Coconut
  13.50   Inspire Inspire Choir sings off the march
  14.00   Inspire to Shine March (gather at Levenshulme Inspire, stewarded pavement march to Shine Hair)
  14.00 16.00 Thairish Free hot & cold drinks outside the cafe
  14.00   Levenshulme Live and Loud with DJ Gypsy
  14.30 17.00 Fred’s Ale House “Anything Goes” on the stereo
  16.00 17.00 Arcadia Marlin Trans Swimming (for trans people and their friends)
  18.30   Klondyke RuPanda’s Drag Race – drag up your teddies, dolls and furry friends (for all ages)
  19.00   Station Hop Hat Party – bring a hat, have a party!
  19.30 20.20 Klondyke Exclusive debut theatre performance “I can make you fail a little bit less” by Dominic Berry
  20.00 2.00 Levenshulme Sing A Long Saturday with DJ Krystal Kane
  20.45   Klondyke Cabaret with Gerry Potter, Jackie Hagan and The Vegan Queens hosted by Azure and Anthony Fletcher (the voice of Panda).
  21.00   Union Dale Curtis is Elvis Presley
Sunday 11.00 11.40 Arcadia Family adventure story “Spark, the Goblin Wizard” with Dominic Berry
  11.00 15.00 Arcadia Free Day Pass (swim, sauna & steam)
  11.00 17.00 Manchester Hair Products Music with Prosecco and soft drinks and 20% discount offer
  12.00   Klondyke Urban Sketching
  12.00 12.45 Arcadia “The fourth age of woman – prepare for your power years (creative workshop for women over 40 by Veronica Hyde, Treasured Self)
  12.00 13.30 Levenshulme Old Library Mindful Textiles workshop from the Owl and The Coconut
  12.00 16.00 Shine Hair Tea Party with cakes and music
  12.00 22.30 Bluebell Rainbow cupcakes and Pride Pies
  12.00 23.00 Fred’s Ale House Gin Upgrade offer
  12.00 Late Klondyke DJ sets and entertainment including Loose Disco
  13.00 14.00 Arcadia Yoga Class with Jamie Summer
  14.00   Klondyke “What does it mean to be normal?” Discussion led by Levenshulme Philosophy Café.
  14.00   Levenshulme Super Sunday Sasha Away with Jackie and Alexa
  16.00   Village Green Vigil and Thank You  (gather to mark past struggles and losses and thank everyone involved in Levenshulme Pride)
  17.00 18.30 Levenshulme Old Library Film screening of “Britain on Film: LGBT Britain” by LevFlix
  17.00   The Bluebell Gay Men’s Writing Group with Paul Magrs and Stephen M Hornby
  17.00   Station Hop Fuddle (bring and share food)
  19.00   Union Dave Vernon Tribute to Rod Stewart & Friends
  19.00 23.00 Fred’s Ale House “Anything Goes” on the stereo
  20.00   Levenshulme Sunday Club DJ and Male Stripper